Thursday, May 10, 2007

Warren's letter to his shareholder's - A sumptuous Buffett.

Even though I have been an ardent investor for the past 2 summers, Berkshire Hathaway never excited me because of it's enormity and my naive belief that investing in large corporation's is like placing faith in Indian Politicians.

Neverthless, accidently laid my hands on the AGM letter of Mr Warren Buffett 2 days back. I think Mrs Melinda Gates is right when she says an hour spent with Warren is equivalent to a day spent at a B School !

The letter was an epitome of what corporate communications is all about - straight, un ambigous, un-adulterated synchronization of what happened to 'BRKA/BRKB' last year and what might happen in the next 1 year. His witty anecdotes might seem cynicism to puritans but he delivers value not just to himself but thousands of his ardent devotees and followers.

Excrepts from his past writeup's -

On Multi tasking -

It reminds me of the tale of an elderly couple who had been romantically challenged for some time. As they finished dinner on their 50th anniversary, however, the wife – stimulated by soft music, wine and candlelight – felt a long-absent tickle and demurely suggested to her husband that they go upstairs and make love.

He agonized for a moment and then replied, “I can do one or the other, but not both.”

Motivating Employees -

I do this in the spirit of the farmer who enters his hen house with an ostrich egg and admonishes the flock: "I don’t like to complain, girls, but this is just a small sample of what the competition is doing."

Looking for new disruptive changes to the Investment portfolio -

Our exemplar is the older man who crashed his grocery cart into that of a much younger fellow while both were shopping. The elderly man explained apologetically that he had lost track of his wife and was preoccupied searching for her.

His new acquaintance said that by coincidence his wife had also wandered off and suggested that it might be more efficient if they jointly looked for the two women. Agreeing, the older man asked his new companion what his wife looked like. “She’s a gorgeous blonde,” the fellow answered, “with a body that would cause a bishop to go through a stained glass window, and she’s wearing tight white shorts. How about yours?”

The senior citizen wasted no words: “Forget her, we’ll look for yours".

More to follow, but if you are intrigued you can always read more about him from - .

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