Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Thoughts !

In Indian mythology, there is an interesting tale of an asura named Bhasmasura who
meditated on Lord Siva and performed severe penance. The Lord was pleased and granted him a boon. The boon bestowed upon the Asura the power of turning people to ashes with not more than a mere touch. However at first the sceptical Bhasmasura didn’t believe that Lord Siva would grant him such a powerful boon. Therefore he decided to test the validity of the boon on Lord Siva himself.

The Lord fled with fear and approached Vishnu and asked to rescue him from destruction. Vishnu decided to trick the Asura. He appeared before Bhasmasura in the form of an enchanting damsel named Mohini.

Bhasmasura was passionately excited and forgot his objective. He wanted Mohini to marry him. Mohini agreed, subject to one condition that he should promise her by touching his own forehead that he would not think of another women from then on.
Bhasmasura forgot the consequences of this and touched his forehead.

Momentarily he turned into ashes.


Q said...

Good one Ravi.

RaviShankar said...

Thanx Bro !

preethi said...

I cannot find the link between the photo and the info.....does some link really exist???

RaviShankar said...

A link does exists.

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