Friday, May 01, 2009


Saw the 100th day press conference of Pres.Obama on TV a couple of days back. No different from any other press briefings by the President so far, quitely impressive with no fanfare or fuss.

One statement that stood out during the conference was:

Upon asked whats humbling about the Presidency, the Presidents response was - "Things are never as bad as they seem nor as good as they are expected to be".

As observed by Jon Meacham the editor of the Newsweek - "Obama seems to have a firm grasp of the psychological and substantive challenges of the presidency. Case in point, his 2008 campaign proved that he possesses a superior sense of timing about how to balance euphoria and disappointments."

As written in the book- Khrushchev by William Taubman on former USSR President, Leadership in war is mostly about concrete tactical and strategic decisions. Leadership in a peacetime crisis involves making the right calls on policy—but at bottom, it's dependent on a subtle understanding of how to make people feel better so that they invest in the future.

The people need a vision. They need to see that the leader is on their side. And like seriously ill patients, they need a clear yet flexible action plan that takes them beyond blind optimism to well-founded hope.

Mr. Obama seems to have a good understanding of the psychodynamics of World and American politics and he is able to communicate very clearly his vision, atleast so far.

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