Sunday, December 17, 2006

Rantings of a Rambling Ragamuffin

It's been exactly 3 months since I created this blog !

Much water has passed since that portentous day !

Chandramukhi celebrated it's 600th day

Statistics show that the unemployment levels in India have never been so low, ever. Still you will always find people who are out of work and out of intellecto!

Don Rumsfield steps down as Sec of Defense and Former President of Texas A&M Robert Gates takes over as the Top man at Pentagon

Being held responsible for a fateful and unethical war has it's own charm !
"Chief Architect - Vietnam II" - Rumsfield a former Princeton Univ wrestling champ has to wrestle with that epitaph & epithet ! As for Mr Gates, Go Aggies !!!

ING & IIM B presents a report on India's Pension schemes

Dutch Financial Powerhouse, ING & India's premier B School IIM, B'lore have presented a report, rather a book, on changes necc in India's Pension scheme ! 401k 'ed !!

Damien Martyn retires from International cricket

A fantastic career comes to a screeching,abrupt halt, much to the shock & astonishment of the Aussie team trying to reclaim the Ashes ! As interestingly pointed out by my good friend Kartik- How much has it got to do with his impertinent gesture to Mr Pawar, Chief of BCCI ? Only God knows !!

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